“I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Low-Fat” Cheesecake

26 Sep

HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E’s birthday cake request again this year (after being forced to decide) was blueberry cheesecake.  Last year I was ambitious and followed a recipe from The Best Light Recipe Cookbook.  It tasted just like traditional New York Cheesecake but at a fraction of the calories and fat.  The cheesecake was out-of-this-world delicious (considering it was a pseudo-light recipe!) but took an entire day to make.  I didn’t have time for such things this year so a quick and easy recipe was necessary.

The Birthday Boy + Birthday Cheesecake

Coincidentally, I received an new (but old) cookbook in the mail this week.  It once belonged to my friend L who no longer cooks for herself.  L’s sister R saw me eying this cookbook (it’s no longer in print) and graciously mailed me L’s copy.  I poured over it the day it arrived in the mail and a recipe for a ridiculously light cheesecake caught my eye (along with an “Excellent” written at the top of the page by R).

The ingredient list alone sparked my curiosity.  The crust was simply crushed graham crackers, a touch of sugar, and one egg white.  No butter!  The filling called for low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, 2 egg whites and 1 egg, a mere half cup of sugar (compared to one and a half cups in traditional cheesecake), vanilla, and 2 tablespoons of flour.  Really?  That was it?  This recipe sounded too good to be true.

This cheesecake certainly tasted lighter and less cheesy than your standard cheesecake but it was still very good.  It was just perfect for E’s family as they don’t have very big sweet teeth (?), unlike yours truly.  In addition to being low-fat (4 g per serving), it’s high in protein, relatively low in calories, and very easy to make.

The cheesecake was a hit (even the dog thought so!) and I’ll definitely be making it again.  Happy Birthday E!

Blueberry Birthday Cheesecake


Say “Cheesecake” (from Looneyspoons)

1-1/2 cups crushed graham wafers
1 tbsp sugar
1 egg white
1 cup low-fat (1%) cottage cheese
2 cups low-fat (5%) sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 egg
2 egg whites
2 tsp vanilla extract
Blueberry (or cherry) sauce or pie filling (see below)

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  Spray an 8-inch springform pan with cooking spray and set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix together graham crumbs and sugar.  Add 1 egg white and stir until well-blended, using your fingers if needed.  Press crumb mixture firmly over the bottom and part way up sides (about 1 cm high) of springform pan.  Bake until edges feel firm and dry, about 8 minutes.  Do not overbake.  Set aside to cool.  Reduce oven to 300 degrees Fahreinheit.
  3. In a blender or food processor, process cottage cheese until smooth (about 1 minute).  Add sour cream and continue to blend, ensuring no lumps remain.  Add sugar, flour, egg, egg whites, and vanilla and process again until well blended.
  4. Pour filling into pie crust and bake about 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until edges are dry to the touch and centre jiggles only slightly when pan is shaken.  Remove from oven and cool completely on a wire rack.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 5 hours before serving.  Run a knife along the inside edge of the pan and remove sides.  Serve with sauce or pie filling on top.

Makes 8 large slices.  Per slice (cake only): 245 kcal, 3.6 g fat, 234 mg sodium, 11 g protein

For a quick and easy blueberry sauce, in a medium pot combine approximately 2 cups of fresh of frozen blueberries, 1 to 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp lime or lemon juice, and roughly 1/2 tbsp corn starch dissolved in 1/4 cup cold water.  Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until sauce thickens slightly.  Let cool and refrigerate until ready to serve (sauce will thicken as it cools).  Spoon over cheesecake just before serving.

5 Responses to ““I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Low-Fat” Cheesecake”

  1. tracyyy September 27, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    droooool…. yum! cheers to cakes… and birthdays, of course! happy birthday, E!

  2. R September 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    I am so happy you’ve already enjoyed L’s cookbook and agree with my “excellent” rating Lisa 🙂 R

  3. Sarah Leo September 28, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    WHAT! LOONEYSPOONS IS OUT OF PRINT! Sad. Andrew’s mom has a copy…I might have to peek at it next time I’m visiting.

    Also, the sound of cheesecake made out of cottage cheese and sour cream appeals to me a lot (I too am losing my sweet tooth)…I might even try something like that with ricotta.

    Also, I’ll send you those recipes – you’ll love them!

    • lisa September 28, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

      Sad news indeed, however you can purchase a used copy on Chapters.ca for $7 (ish).
      In other news, I recently discovered that the Podleski sisters are releasing a new cookbook in early November! Supposedly it contains many of their beloved recipes from previous cookbooks but re-vamped to cut down on sugar/sodium and to increase the fibre. Plus there are a handful of new recipes. VERY tempted to purchase it once it’s released! http://www.eatshrinkandbemerry.com/blog/archives/258/the-looneyspoons-collection-is-almost-here/

      • Sarah Leo October 11, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

        I’m totally buying that the day it comes out. OH YES!

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